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Fast. Reliable. Safe.

Firstmate is dedicated to the design, manufacture, distribution, and servicing of the finest wireless electronic equipment for the recreational marine industry. We offer full manufacturing capability using state-of-the-art equipment. Complete systems can be installed for you, or shipped ready for any application.

It’s not just an accessory.

  • Your Boat:

    Protect your investments. Keep your boat high & dry. The Pro Remote monitors your boat & lift and auto-fills in the instance of cold weather, or potential leak.

  • Your Dock:

    Keeps your lift up from the undercurrent of those “Plow Dog” waves.

  • Your Lift:

    Maintain the longevity of your investments. Our lift controls will monitor, and auto-fill during a leak or air restriction in lift's tanks.

  • Your Guest:

    No more jumping on/off to operate your lift. There's a safer and easier remote control option available!