Manufacturing & Engineering

Our manufacturing facility is in Labadie, Missouri. Everything is built from the ground up from the time you place your order until it goes out the door. We begin with our corrosion resistant Aluminum frame design. Any electronic components are tested in pre-production and again prior to shipping. As your system goes down the line, it is spot checked for Quality Control and put together by our knowledgeable staff. Prior to shipping, all systems are fully tested, valves pressure checked, and packaged ready to be delivered to your door or your dock. We are thankful to have a staff of dedicated employees who all have the same goal in mind. They are encouraged to be inventive; always look for improvements in design for what makes a better product; input is key. Most importantly ~ what comes out our facility is only a quality product. 



Starting out in satellite communications, our company’s path has made many twists and turns since becoming Firstmate Controls in 2005. We continue to do contract engineering from larger firms and offer engineering services for the smaller inventor as well. We have aided in bringing products to market not only in the marine market but also in the drive-through industry, trucking industry and hold multiple patents in communications. We have always learned to do what we can to keep inventing, producing and manufacturing to keep America going!

Milling: Brackets and Bushings