History of Firstmate Controls

“Necessity, the Mother of Invention” ~ Plato

Being boaters on the Mississippi during our dating years, our agreement when putting the boat away was that John would clean the outside of the boat while Julie cleaned the inside. Worked great until the day the spokes came off ~ John had the boat up on the lift while Julie was cleaning the inside like any other time. John stepped away and Julie decided to try and jump from the boat, in the air, to the dock. Not making the dock and falling between the lift and the dock. From those injuries came the invention of the Firstmate® remote control system. “If I could have had something inside the boat to lower it by myself, I would have never got hurt”. So John and his team went to work and created a blower box system that was not only safe for boating passengers, but easy to use as a second set of hands getting the boat on and off the lift. We continue to strive to make safe, easy to use, and reliable blower boxes for all boaters ~ since we are boaters ourselves.

~ John and Julie Figura