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PRO Remote Control

Generation 3 (2017)

7 Button (2006)

4 Button (2002)

STANDARD Remote Control

Generation 3 (2016)

Classic (2007

MANUAL Control

User Guide & Installation


SOLAR Control 

 Waterproof Solar Charge Controller





 My key FOB isn't working. What should I do? Click here!
 No luck after troubleshooting?
Contact support with 4-7 digit s/n from the back of your key fob(s) / Receiver

Book a Lake Ozark Service Request *Key fob(s) must be present under lid for testing prior to Tech's arrival. 

 Firstmate does not work via key fob or system's controls.
Turn the handle(s) inside the Firstmate® to UP (AT THE SAME TIME) – if the motor turns on, use the handles to raise & lower the lift.
 Firstmate PRO doesn't shut itself off or Bypass board.
See instructions for clearing the sensor hose. Download here.
I'm still having an issue.
 Complete our online booking form Book a Service Call (Lake of the Ozarks)


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