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My key FOB isn't working. What should I do?

Is there an antenna attached to the receiver?

  • Push antenna & cable into receiver to make sure there is a tight connection.

Does the fob’s LED light up when using?


  • Replace the battery. Remove screw from back of fob & replace with A23 or CR2023
  • Key fob may have water damage and will need to be replaced. Open key fob case to see if water has gotten on electronics (will show rust.)


  • Still replace the battery. A weak battery may have only enough power to light LED but not enough juice to send a signal to its receiver. Range is affected when battery is low.

Firstmate PRO doesn't shut itself off or Bypass board.

See instructions for clearing the sensor hose. Download here.

Firstmate® PRO not blowing itself back up

Is the sensor activated?

  • Red LED “Lift Monitor” (lower left on control panel) should be flashing.

Is the sensor assembly attached the lift?

Is sensor tube (white PVC tube) 2-3 inches above the water line when lift is in the UP position?

  • May need to adjust the mounted position of the pickup tube.

Lift will not go down - no air coming from back of the Firstmate®

CAUSE: Lift may have air lock.

  1. Raise lift using the emergency override handle(s) to blow out tanks & lift line.
  2. Let the tank(s) bubble for a minimum of 5 minutes to clear any potential debris blocking air flow. This will not hurt the lift.
  3. Turn handle(s) back to HOLD position to stop lift / close the valve(s)
  4. Lower the lift by either pressing DOWN on control panel or (DN) on key fob.

Firstmate does not work via key fob or system controls.

Turn the handle(s) inside the Firstmate® to UP (AT THE SAME TIME) – if the motor turns on, use the handles to raise & lower the lift.

Blower will not stop at Board or doesn’t shut off automatically:

✓ Verify the Firstmate® is operating in AUTO mode.

CAUSE: There may be water in the sensor hose.

  1. Turn the emergency override handle(s) to the “UP” position.
  2. Stop lift once tank(s) are bubbling by turning handle(s) back to HOLD
  3. Remove the Firstmate® enclosure
  4. Locate the Quick Connect Fitting. (see image.)
  5. Lift up on the underside of the Quick Connect fitting and pull down on sensor tube to disconnect. (DO NOT disconnect tube above the Quick Connect!)
  6. Blow air through Sensor tubing ONLY to remove standing water
  7. Reconnect the sensor tubing by firmly pushing it back into the quick connect fitting
  8. With Firstmate® in AUTO Mode, lower lift to board position using either key fob or Control panel.

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