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My key FOB isn't working. What should I do?

  1. Change battery (A23) – suggestion to change each Spring for fresh battery during boating season.
  2. Is there an antenna in receiver box? (black box on dock post (Model #RF-100)
  3. Unplug receiver cable from receiver box (push in like a computer cord) & plug back in to make good connection
  4. Check serial number on back of key fob (if serial number is below 4000 or buttons say 1,2,3 – see store for new receiver & key fob(s)

    If above s/n: 4000 - options are:

  5. Mail your receiver and key fob, along with your contact information, to our factory address below – we can test & determine if it is the receiver or key fob that is the problem (2-3 week turnaround).
  6. Purchase a new receiver or new key fob individually from our store (50/50 chance of being correct)
  7. Set up a Lake Ozark service call – key fobs need to be left in top of box for Firstmate tech to check – see Service Call Booking Form on Support page of web site.

Firstmate does not work.

Turn the handle(s) inside the Firstmate to UP (AT THE SAME TIME) – if the motor turns on, use the handles to raise & lower the lift. Book Service Call or Ask Support (see right).

Firstmate PRO does not stop

See instructions for clearing the sensor hose. Download here.

I'm still having an issue.

Complete our online support form and someone from our team will contact you to assist. Book a Service Call 

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